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Video courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

CrossFit Training

Spry CrossFit started out with the goal of helping people understand what works and what doesn’t in the health and wellness field.

Our goal has and continues to be to provide the very best training in a personalized and non scary environment! Nobody likes walking into the gym feeling like they don’t belong and then never going back as a result.

We understand this and we understand how difficult it is for you to simply walk into a new place with unfamiliar people and unfamiliar movements.

That’s why at Spry CrossFit you won’t see skulls, death metal and seemingly crazy people throwing around barbells with their shirts off!

What you will see are regular people JUST like you! These are people just trying to get fit for life so they can keep up with the kids, go on hikes, swim, play recreational sports and to get out and just enjoy living life!

From the moment you walk in the door you’ll notice that Spry CrossFit is a very family friendly environment that you will not only be excited to come to the gym, but your kids will love it as well.

We believe in fostering a community where everyone enjoys getting fit and it becomes a place the kids beg to go to!

Because at Spry CrossFit we are interested in helping our Playa Vista and Westside Los Angeles community get FIT for LIFE and working to create a stronger, healthier and as a result a happier community!

Video courtesy of CrossFit Inc.