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The Spry Society Fundamentals course is our exciting introduction to the world of functional fitness! Comprised of Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and monostructural movements (running, rowing and jump rope), functional fitness is technical and challenging.  It’s also a lot of fun and a fantastic way to get and stay in shape for good! 

We created this one-on-one course to provide you an opportunity to build your fitness and functional movement skills.  Our primary goal is to ensure you’re prepared to join our group fitness classes with confidence.  

Everyone starts at a different place and learns at a different pace. Therefore, we provide you with a dedicated Coach for Life who will teach you all you need to know through a series of 60 minute sessions customized just for you!

Your coach will identify and work with your unique strengths and weaknesses so you’re able to move and lift weight safely and efficiently.  During each session you’ll learn and reinforce skills, and finish up with a heart pumping workout. Together with your coach, you will determine when time is right for you to begin group fitness classes. 

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