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Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition Coaching

Spry Society we believe that fitness and good nutrition are for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re coming from, or how far you think you have to go. You can get healthy and fit while still being yourself.

How we do this at Spry Society

Enter Precision Nutrition - the largest, most respected, private nutrition coaching company in the world. Their mission is to cut through the junk and confusion about everything in the fitness and nutrition industry and give you the very next step you need to be successful. (And trust us, there’s a lot of confusing stuff out there…but you probably knew that already!)

Ever wondered what it really takes to accomplish something big?

Like the overweight person who loses hundreds of pounds of body fat.

Or the scrawny person who gains strength, along with dozens of pounds of muscle.

Or the lifetime dieter who finally achieves a healthy relationship with food. 

At Spry Society we’ve learned that seemingly impossible goals can be achieved… if you follow the right process.  

Breaking goals into skills; skills into practices

There’s a lot of emphasis on SMART goal setting these days.

We’re taught to think about what we want to accomplish: Our Goal. Then we’re supposed to make it specific, measurable, attainable, etc, etc, etc.

But what happens once we’ve done all that? When we’ve set the ultimate goal?

For many of us, not much.

The act of setting good goals is one thing, achieving them is altogether different. Goals aren’t achieved through sheer force of will or wishing.

So if it’s not white-knuckled willpower, and it’s not visualization what is it?

Precision Nutrition has taught us that goal achievement only happens—reliably—when you do two things:  First, you break down the thing you want to do (your goal) into specific aptitudes (skills).  Second, you build those aptitudes (skills) through strategic daily actions (practices).

The formula pretty much looks like this: 

Practice daily to build skills.
Build skills to achieve goals. 

Do this well and you can accomplish your goals more quickly (with less effort) and maintain your results.

At Spry Society don’t believe in making drastic nutritional changes, because most of the time, they don’t last.  We help you make consistent, sustainable lifestyle changes that provide you the confidence to inspire future action.

In our nutrition and lifestyle consultations, we will help you understand and apply unique nutritional habits—specific and applicable to the way you want to live. 

Our staff truly has a passion for helping people find the best nutrition, exercise, and stress-management strategies for them. 

Receive the most up-to-date health, fitness, nutrition, and coaching information.  Throughout our program you will be mentored by coaches who care and are invested in your success. 

Allow us to join in your health and fitness journey; we’ll act as your co-pilot—identifying immediate actions you can take without stressing over useless steps. 

Are you ready to make effective and sustainable lifestyle changes?  

Not in our area?

We work with clients all over through Precision Nutrition’s online platform “ProCoach.”  Take us with you wherever you go—all you need is an internet connection (we’re mobile friendly). 

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