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Zeb Pascual - Senior Coach

Zeb Pascual

Senior Coach

I am Zeb Pascual.
I am a servant of Strength and Health.
With every cell in my body, I believe that the pursuit of physical vitality is the ultimate destiny and salvation of all humankind.
I believe that without purposeful commitment to this pursuit, we will fail as a nation and as a race. I bank everything I have on these beliefs.
I am a 165 lb man who thinks he is a 265 lbs unstoppable superhero.
I want to be an empowering force in the lives of others.  
I love chocolate and wish I didn't ... just kidding. I love chocolate. And steaks.
I want people to feel better the INSTANT they meet me - not just for themselves but for their families and their future.
I work in a dialysis clinic and have seen the future. I work as a fitness trainer to prevent that future.
I am a huge nerd.