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We are Spry Society. A collection of like-minded professional coaches and everyday people who have come together for more. To do more. To live more. To be more.

Our members, who have come together to improve their fitness and change their lives, are our core.

We know there are no short cuts, only hard work. That it never gets easier, but everyone can get better and have fun while doing so.

It’s about more than fitness. It’s about community; spending time together and cheering each other on and off the gym floor. It’s about pushing each other to do what at one time seemed impossible.

We are all here to guide you along your journey, every step of the way.

Because the more we accomplish as a Spry Society, the more we push ourselves to embrace and overcome the physical and mental challenges we face daily, the more we are able to accomplish everywhere.

Are you Spry?

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How to join Treehouse Athletics

How To Join

When you start at Spry Society, we’ll make sure that you feel welcome and that your unique fitness needs are met.

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Who Treehouse Athletics Is

Who We Are

Our gym has incredibly talented coaches, features all of the equipment and space that you need, and offers a great social environment.

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Treehouse Athletics Community

Prescription For A Great Life!

Learn more about what separates us from other fitness programs and how you can use it to become functionally fit for life.

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Our Location

Success Stories

Our community is filled with great people who've changed their lives for the better and are looking to tell you how we helped them.  Come in and they'll give you the 411 on Spry Society!

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